What's the difference between calling through and object vs class

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  1. Rivera

    • 2015/7/19

    The second form isn't valid Java. You can only call methods on a class if they are declared static.

  2. Mathias

    • 2015/4/28

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  3. Luciano

    • 2020/4/2

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  4. Adrien

    • 2016/5/27

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  5. Jace

    • 2018/11/11

    The result is the same.

    You should call it by class name, not through the instance, because no dynamic dispatch happens.

    Most compilers will give you a warning, if you do that, too. Some people argue that it should have been made a compile error.

  6. Jonah

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  7. Alvarez

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  9. Dervishi

    • 2017/3/9

    Calling a method through a class is a static method. Unless you declare the method a static method, the compiler will give you a compile error .

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  13. Milo

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  14. Cairo

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