System.WIndows.Forms.Ribbon controls in CodedUI

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  1. Ellis

    • 2016/4/16

    Assuming that Pal Bognar's answer is correct, I would recommend creating your own reusable type for this situation. Here is an example. It would be simple to make this more generic and have sub-classes with the actual buttons and menu tabs available in each instance.

    public class WinRibbon : WinControl
        protected WinMenuBar RibbonBarInside {
                var ribbonBarInside = new WinMenuBar(this.RibbonBar);
                ribbonBarInside.SearchConfigurations.Add(WinControl.PropertyNames.Name, "radRibbonBar");
                return ribbonBarInside;
        public IEnumerable<WinTabPage> Tabs => new WinTabPage(this.RibbonBarInside).FindMatchingControls().OfType<WinTabPage>();
        public WinControl FileTab => this.Tabs.FirstOrDefault(t => t.AccessibleDescription.Trim() == "File");
        public IEnumerable<WinButton> Buttons => new WinButton(this.RibbonBarInside).FindMatchingControls().OfType<WinButton>();
        public WinButton OpenButton => this.Buttons.FirstOrDefault(t => t.AccessibleDescription.Trim() == "Open");
        public WinRibbon(UITestControl parent = null) : base(parent)
            this.SearchProperties.Add(WinControl.PropertyNames.ControlName, "radRibbonBar");
        public void ClickOpenButton()
            var openButton = this.OpenButton; // to prevent creating a new one each time
            Mouse.Location = new Point(openButton.Left + openButton.Width / 2, openButton.Top + openButton.Height / 2);
  2. Lennon

    • 2019/9/2

    There is another ribbonbar inside the ribbonbar you found. Here is my code: File tab Open button var mainWindow = new WinWindow(app); 

  3. Erick

    • 2018/8/3

    I am developing C# winform application. I have Ribbon in my form which contains several tabs and several ribbonbuttons. I am using Coded UI for testing. The problem i am facing is i am unable to find the ribbonbuttons using coded ui, whenever i hover on any control of ribbon (say ribbonbutton), it detects only ribbon but not that control.

  4. Ben

    • 2020/12/24

    System.WIndows.Forms.Ribbon controls in CodedUI. I am developing C# winform application. I have Ribbon in my form which contains several tabs and several 

  5. Morgan

    • 2015/9/19

    There is another ribbonbar inside the ribbonbar you found.

    Here is my code: File tab Open button

    var mainWindow = new WinWindow(app);
    mainWindow.SearchProperties.Add(WinWindow.PropertyNames.ControlName, "frmMain");
    var ribbonBar = new WinWindow(mainWindow);
    ribbonBar.SearchProperties.Add(WinWindow.PropertyNames.ControlName, "radRibbonBar");
    var ribbonBarInside = new WinMenuBar(ribbonBar);
    ribbonBarInside.SearchProperties.Add(WinWindow.PropertyNames.Name, "radRibbonBar");   //Name not ControlName!!
    var tabs = new WinTabPage(ribbonBarInside);
    var tab = tabs.FindMatchingControls().Where(t => (t as WinTabPage).AccessibleDescription.Trim() == "File").FirstOrDefault();
    var buttons = new WinButton(ribbonBarInside);
    var button = buttons.FindMatchingControls().Where(t => (t as WinButton).AccessibleDescription.Trim() == "Open").FirstOrDefault();
    //Mouse.Click(button);   <-- this throw an Exception, next 2 lines solve this.
    Mouse.Location = new Point(button.Left + button.Width / 2, button.Top + button.Height / 2);
  6. Justin

    • 2016/7/3

    CodedUI not working with System.Windows.Controls.Ribbon.dll from .Net 4.5. Archived Forums > and submit a feature request “support the coded UI test”.

  7. Jeremy

    • 2019/9/28

    System.WIndows.Forms.Ribbon элементы управления в CodedUI. Я разрабатываю приложение C# winform. У меня есть лента в моей форме, которая содержит несколько 

  8. Aiden

    • 2021/10/13

    The Ribbon class is the root element of a ribbon user interface (UI) in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The Ribbon class hosts a RibbonQuickAccessToolBar, a RibbonApplicationMenu, and one or more RibbonTab controls. These controls then host a variety of button and menu controls that enable access to application commands.

  9. Roger

    • 2016/2/21

    System requirements. The following IDEs and .NET frameworks are supported for automating the GridControl. Visual Studio. Premium, Ultimate, Enterprise 

  10. Morel

    • 2019/1/22

    System. Windows. Forms. Ribbon35 3.5.8. For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package. The NuGet Team does not provide support for this client. Please contact its maintainers for support. #r directive can be used in F# Interactive, C# scripting and .NET Interactive. Copy this into

  11. Caiden

    • 2015/10/17

    To do the same in code, simply change the base class from which your form derives from System.Windows.Forms.Form to DevExpress.XtraBars.

  12. Luka

    • 2017/2/24

    Using VS2017, assembly version of System.Windows.Forms.Ribbon, .Net Framework 4.7.1, Form class set to inherit from RibbonForm instead of Form. 1) When running standard demos or my own forms I get a blue border on the window frame.

  13. Dawson

    • 2018/7/3

    Winforms - Ribbon Toolbars and Menus - BarManager seen in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems (Aero color scheme).

  14. Richardson

    • 2016/1/17

    Represents the root element of a ribbon user interface that hosts a Quick Access Toolbar, Application Menu, and tabs. RibbonApplicationMenu.

  15. Max

    • 2017/8/4

    Accessibility, MSAA, Coded UI. Easily maintainable controls within any test-driven development process. Converter Tool. Convert your apps to Telerik UI for 

  16. Cayden

    • 2018/1/22

    This topic contains the following sections: Introduction. Supported Controls. System Requirements. Licensing Requirements. Related Content 

  17. Flynn

    • 2017/12/2

    This repository contains the content for the Telerik UI for WinForms documentation. <redirect url="/devtools/winforms/controls/codedui/codedui" 

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