Point of Sale Application Architecture

Lots of general questions there, I'll try to touch a little on everything.

In general you should check out the Application Architecture Guide. It's a very good, general primer on architecting all sorts of .NET applications.

I don't think you are going to have any problem with Prisim. Take specific note of the MVVM Pattern. On the "performance" issue, I think what you are really talking about is "responsiveness". So a POS allplication needs to be very responsive to the user. Using WVVM, you can get very good responsiveness in your application.

Personally, I would stay away from this version of Entity Framework (although next version is looking good). I think LinqToSQL is fine (afterall, SO uses it :) Look at NHibernate for .NET if you want ORM.

Good luck.


  1. Silvestri

    • 2015/11/29

    Learn all you need to know about a POS system. application that can integrate with their new restaurant POS system to allow customers to 

  2. Ruiz

    • 2016/9/3

    It's Easy. Find The Best Retail POS System. Get Free Trial. Top Deals In One Place! 2021 Users' Choice. Ideal POS For Restaurants, Bars, Retail, Cafe, Nightclubs & More.

  3. Samuel

    • 2015/8/4

    Users of Modern Point of Sale (POS) can perform various tasks on supported laptops, tablets, and phones. These tasks include processing sales 

  4. Clark

    • 2019/10/8

    Compare 2021's 10 Best POS Systems. Find The Best Solution to Increase Revenues! The Search for the Best POS System Ends Today. Compare, Apply and Increase Revenues!

  5. Kaiser

    • 2016/11/8

    . In the POS software interface, you can input data about the products that you will sell, tally order costs and transact financially.

  6. Ayan

    • 2016/3/11

    Review the Best Point of Sale Applications for 2021. Save Time & Money - Start Now! No Matter Your Mission, Get The Right Point of Sale Applications To Accomplish It.

  7. Dorian

    • 2020/2/23

    '. It refers to the practice of designing promotional items that sit near till points in retail environments. Promotional materials include items like leaflet holders, countertop mats, stickers and 'wobblers', which attach to the till itself and draw attention to promotional messages.

  8. Orlando

    • 2018/5/25

    Looking for point of sale application? Search now! Content updated daily for point of sale application

  9. Dhruv

    • 2015/5/28

    , self-service kiosks, and terminals. Other POS-related devices include barcode scanners, cash drawers, keyboards, and receipt printers.

  10. Harry

    • 2018/4/15

    Find Point Of Sale Application. Search a wide range of information from across the web with search-hq.com

  11. Madden

    • 2020/2/14

    Test Architecture for POS Application. POS test architecture includes three components for testing – POS terminal, store server, and enterprise server.

  12. Eduardo

    • 2020/12/17

    Point of sale (POS) •Most run on Windows •POS terminals (aka registers) run the POS client component •Registers communicate with a “back of house” POS server •Peripherals attach via USB or COM oMagstripe readers (MSR) oPIN Pads o PIN Pad/magstripe reader all-in-one MICR check readers Barcode scanners o Receipt printers

  13. Ayan

    • 2018/7/20

    While we use Macs, there are Windows-based POS systems that work in much the you database architecture for developing a POS (Point Of Sale) software.

  14. Wilson

    • 2021/7/26

    Point of Sale Application Architecture. Ask Question Asked 12 years, 2 months ago. Active 11 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 3k times 1 I have been asked to build a POS

  15. Talon

    • 2015/10/21

    Architecture and Security. Lucas Zaichkowsky In 2010, I personally saw several dozen POS breaches o Servers used by outsourced mobile applications.

  16. Caputo

    • 2020/4/10

    Hacking POS devices is one of the most common techniques for breaching payment systems and extracting sensitive card holder data. The more you know about the underlying payment application architecture, the better you can protect your systems. This excerpt from the book "Hacking Point of Sale: Payment Application Secrets, Threats & Solutions" by industry expert Slava Gomzin, provides this information.

  17. Nikolai

    • 2015/4/5

    The point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At the point of sale, the merchant 

  18. Ignacio

    • 2019/3/16

    I myself have done practically pros and cons of above, i decided to move with simple data access technique "DataReader" using enterprise library 5.0 as the Point of sale application (win forms 4.0) will run over POS Terminal where the main purpose is your transaction should be as much as possible fast to place more order.

  19. Grasso

    • 2018/1/8

    Lots of general questions there, I'll try to touch a little on everything. In general you should check out the Application Architecture 

  20. Avery

    • 2017/10/10

    Keywords: Pos, Architecture, Financial Institutions, Vendors, Web Services., Transactions Fees 1. INTRODUCTION This research delivers a web service architecture for integration of Point of Sale (POS) terminals with financial institutions. Businesses are interested in the freedom that this may offer because vendors can select payment

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