PHP: Displaying Dom object and Creating xml file

Error processing SSI file


  1. Amias

    • 2019/3/22

    I may not be correct, but try sending a header like that:

    Header("Content-Type: text/xml");


    Header("Content-Type: text/plain");

    to achieve appropriate results. (Of course before you run $doc->saveXML();.

  2. Remy

    • 2018/8/16

    Read Specific XML Elements. Use simplexml_load_file function to load external XML file in your PHP program and create an object. After that, 

  3. Elian

    • 2015/11/9

    However the example for Zend_Dom_Query does exactly that. IF you dont want to use that compkenet in your project then you might want to see how they are translating that css selector to xpath. Maybe DomXPath supports xpath 2.0 - im not sure about that. – prodigitalson Jun 16 '11 at 2:31

  4. Krasniqi

    • 2021/10/4

    simplexml_import_dom(), Returns a SimpleXMLElement object from a DOM node​. simplexml_load_file(), Converts an XML document to an object.

  5. Ayaan

    • 2015/4/3

    Convert < and > to entities with htmlspecialchars ( and browser will not parse it as html:

    echo htmlspecialchars($doc->SaveXml());
  6. Kaiden

    • 2016/9/14

    Class SimpleXMLElement SimpleXMLElement implements Traversable. PHP Extension: SimpleXML Documented at Methods summary. final public

  7. Santoro

    • 2020/7/29

    A reference to the XML parser to use. data. Chunk of data to parse. A document may be parsed piece-wise by calling xml_parse() several times with 

  8. Kelmendi

    • 2019/2/5

    The DOMDocument object can't be used as a string. Here is how you would display the DOMDocument object as an XML string: Or You can use the PHP function.

  9. Ezekiel

    • 2015/3/29

    It's because you are outputing XML code into PHP file (translated into HTML). Check your source code and you'll see the desired output. If you want to get the same thing as you got in command line, you'll have to save your output to new XML file.

    Use fopen to create new XML file.

  10. Bryce

    • 2021/8/25

    SimpleXML is a PHP library which provides an easy way to work with XML documents (especially reading and iterating through XML data). · The only restraint is 

  11. Vicente

    • 2019/9/4

    Hiding PHP Keeping Current Features HTTP authentication with PHP Cookies Sessions Dealing with XForms Handling file uploads Using remote files Connection handling Persistent Database Connections Command line usage Garbage Collection DTrace Dynamic Tracing Function Reference Affecting PHP's Behaviour Audio Formats Manipulation Authentication

  12. Martini

    • 2017/11/28

    Returns NULL if called on a SimpleXMLElement object that already represents an attribute and not a tag. Examples. Example #1 Interpret an XML string. <?php $ 

  13. Valentin

    • 2021/9/1

    I had a similar issue where I wanted to mock away a SoapClient and verify the web service payloads generated by our system. I tried working with SimpleXMLElement to parse prepared XML snippets (requests and response) but had several issues with that and ended up writing my own stuff in the end.

  14. Kaleb

    • 2016/11/29

    Example #1 Creating a Document. <?php $doc = new DOMDocument(); $doc->​loadHTML("<html><body>Test<br></body></html>"); echo $doc->saveHTML(); ?​> 

  15. Begu

    • 2016/8/31

    PHP Examples PHP Examples PHP Compiler PHP Quiz PHP Exercises PHP Certificate SimpleXML is a PHP extension that allows us to easily manipulate and get XML data.

  16. Ben

    • 2017/11/30 › manual › book.xml.php

  17. Reid

    • 2015/6/29

    Accessing elements within an XML document that contain characters not permitted under PHP's naming convention (e.g. the hyphen) can be accomplished by encapsulating the element name within braces and the apostrophe. Example #3 Getting <line>

  18. Matteo

    • 2018/12/9

    Step 5: Decoding the JSON Object: The json_decode() function decode a JSON string. It converts a JSON encoded string into a PHP variable.

  19. Luca

    • 2015/6/11

    Php converts files declared as iso-8859-1 to utf-8 internally. To add text containing special characters, the text must be encoded as utf-8. When the document is saved, special characters are converted to iso-8859-1. To save an xml created from scratch, use fopen/fwrite and utf8_decode:

  20. Jamari

    • 2020/9/3

    take a look at PEAR's XML_Serializer package. I've used it with pretty good results. You can feed it arrays, objects etc and it will turn them into XML. It also has a 

  21. Wilder

    • 2019/9/13

    You can use XML DOM Parser to process XML document in PHP. Also, using saveXml () and save () method you’ll be able to output XML document to the browser and save XML document as a file. The saveXml () function puts internal XML document into a string. The save () function puts internal XML document into a file.

  22. Sinani

    • 2017/5/5

    To do this, I need to convert the JSON file in XML, and ensure the file changes from JSON to PHP array. Does any method or library exist to do 

  23. Roberts

    • 2016/4/7

    Hi! I have a URL with an XML file. How can I copy the whole code to a file with PHP? I am using SimpleXML but I haven't understood how to do this yet. Save XML from url to file. PHP. D3V4

  24. Abdullah

    • 2015/1/14

    DOMDocument is a native PHP object which allows you to modify HTML In my example above, I find all img elements and replace their 

  25. Jaxton

    • 2018/9/19

    Using PHP’s SimpleXML extension that was introduced back in PHP 5.0, working with XML is very easy to do.

  26. Palmieri

    • 2015/4/19

    The right decision is DOMDocument, a native PHP object which allows you to work with HTML in a logical, pleasant fashion. You start by 

  27. Gael

    • 2016/7/1

    The PHP DOM library allows you to manage HTML and XML after you upload your script into a new PHP DOMDocument. Parsing is an important concept referring to changing source code into a more easy-to-read format. For reading and changing HTML and XML, DOM library is the best option as it is automatically built together with some PHP versions.

  28. James

    • 2015/3/22

    DOMDocument::save. (PHP 5, PHP 7). DOMDocument::save — Dumps the internal XML tree back into a file. Description ¶. public DOMDocument::save ( string 

  29. Gael

    • 2015/11/13

    below is part of my XML where I try to get data from, basicly I need to insert them to array where "role" is key and "entry" is value. Here is XML:

  30. Beckett

    • 2015/4/1

    The PHP simplexml_load_string() function is used to read XML data from a string. Assume we have a variable that contains XML data, like this: $myXMLData =

  31. Hoxha

    • 2020/4/9

    PHP 5's new SimpleXML module makes parsing an XML document, well, simple. It turns an XML document into an object that provides structured access to the XML. To create a SimpleXML object from an XML document stored in a string, pass the string to simplexml_load_string (). It returns a SimpleXML object.

  32. Finley

    • 2019/12/17

    How does PHP handle XML response?

  33. Ronin

    • 2017/7/6

    I'm not sure if xml_set_object becomes unneccissary when using the array callbacks, but I leave it in just to make sure that the xml_parse function knows it's in the object. As above, I'd recommend for memory sake, that the XML parser be created, used, and freed all in the same function, to ensure that everything is cleaned up correctly.

  34. Bianco

    • 2017/6/2

    PHP - DOM Parser Example A HTML Dom parser written in PHP5.X versions. Dom Parser is very good at dealing with XML as well as HTML. Dom parser travels 

  35. Zahir

    • 2019/5/3

    There seems to be a lot of talk about SimpleXML having a "problem" with CDATA, and writing functions to rip it out, etc. I thought so too, at first, but it's actually behaving just fine under PHP 5.2.6

  36. Guillermo

    • 2020/1/13

    The SimpleXML Parser. SimpleXML is a tree-based parser. SimpleXML provides an easy way of getting an element's name, attributes and textual content if you 

  37. Flores

    • 2020/4/14

    $ php -i | grep simplexml – Ravshan Abdulaev Sep 13 '17 at 22:33. 5. Try restarting php-fpm. sudo systemctl restart php-fpm – phpd Oct 18 '18 at 7:19. 1.

  38. Bryan

    • 2016/12/10

    How do I access XML data?

  39. Bellini

    • 2020/10/3

    Parameters. data. A well-formed XML string class_name. You may use this optional parameter so that simplexml_load_string() will return an object of the specified class.

  40. Dennis

    • 2021/1/19

    You can use a SmartDOMDocument object as a string which will print out its contents.

  41. Yousef

    • 2018/6/26

    Addition to QLeap's post: SimpleXML will return a reference to an object containing the node value and you can't use references in session variables as there is no feasible way to restore a reference to another variable.

  42. Reed

    • 2019/3/5

    To save the XML file we will use save command. echo "".$xml->saveXML()."";. The next thing we need to do is fetch the elements from 

  43. Jude

    • 2016/4/18

    It looks like the XML-system behind SimpleXML has the same workings as I believe the XML-system .NET uses: when one needs to address something in the default namespace, one will have to declare the namespace using registerXPathNamespace and then use its prefix to address the otherwise in the default namespace living element.

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