OpenCv:u!=0 Exception while reading frames from video file

Error processing SSI file


  1. Ari

    • 2015/4/20

    according to me, you should make a copy of frame grabbed from camera. You could you the following code. It is tested and error free.

        Capture captureFrame = new Capture(Filename);
        Mat frame = new Mat();
        Mat frame_copy = new Mat();
        //Capture Image from file
        private void GetVideoFrames(String Filename)
                captureFrame = new Capture(Filename);
                captureFrame.ImageGrabbed += ShowFrame;
            catch (Exception ex)
        //Show in ImageBox
        private void ShowFrame(object sender, EventArgs e)
            frame_copy = frame;
            imageBox1.Image = frame_copy ;
  2. Martinez

    • 2020/4/4

    according to me, you should make a copy of frame grabbed from camera. You could you the following code. It is tested and error free.

  3. Jovanni

    • 2018/9/29

    I'm trying to get frames from a video file but while reading frames, OpenCv:u!=0 exception is being thrown. I'm using Emgu.Cv dll. I have written the code as follows: private void GetVideoFrames(S

  4. Jacoby

    • 2019/3/24

    However, when specifying a path to a video file to open, I get the following error: Throws second exception int key = 0; cv::Mat frame; while (key !=

  5. Scott

    • 2016/11/23

    May be you need to release memory. Ex. frame.Release();

  6. Lachlan

    • 2019/7/19

    @berak Ok, no problem. Also something funky is going on, when running in gdb it shows that it's grabbing atleast a few more frames until it's aborted. I mentioned that it's running accross multiple threads (so you probably didn't read the full post but thats fine).

  7. Jimenez

    • 2019/3/22

    I have received the following error while reading frame from video in C#. Opencv u!=0 at Emgu.Cv.cvInvoke.CvErrorHandler at 

  8. Shawn

    • 2019/5/10

    Can't open VideoCapture don't work with files and /dev/video. Steps to reproduce. import cv2 video = cv2.VideoCapture (0) if video.isOpened (): while True: check, frame = () if check: cv2.imshow ('Color Frame', frame) key = cv2.waitKey (50) if key == ord ('q'): break else: print ('Frame not available') print (video.isOpened ()) The

  9. Morgan

    • 2018/5/19

    You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. Format("{0} frames found in file {1}", counter, newName)); }. Example #9. 0. Show file.

  10. Gatlin

    • 2017/1/4

    Try to build and run OpenCV tests (with opencv_extra test data). If similar errors appear then there is a big chance of problems with OpenCL runtime.

  11. Brock

    • 2018/8/10

    EMGU is a wrapper for opencv which means you need the EMGU dll for To see what files are missing when the error pops up at the bottom 

  12. Thaddeus

    • 2015/5/15

    Answer #1: If you want to restart the video over and over again (aka looping it), you can do it by using an if statement for when the frame count reaches cap.get ( and then resetting the frame count and cap.set (, num) to the same value.

  13. Allan

    • 2018/3/6

    The following part of the code shows how to capture the video from camera. In this block, capture, FRAME PER SECOND is set to 30 FPS, Video File 

  14. Emanuel

    • 2020/10/7

    @throws Exception %Exception on stream errors (check .isOpened() to filter out malformed streams) or VideoCapture type is not supported. The primary use of the function is in multi-camera environments. The method fills the ready state vector, grabs video frame, if camera is ready.

  15. Tristan

    • 2021/2/22

    You supplied an invalid path to cv2.VideoCapture . You don't have the proper video codecs installed and thus OpenCV cannot read the file. If 

  16. Gordon

    • 2015/10/13

    You have to check whether OpenCV function calls in your code is successfully executed or not. Then you can understand the exact problem. Here is the modified code. int main { cv::Mat frame; cv::VideoCapture cap (1); // I don't have a second videoinput device!

  17. Callum

    • 2016/11/11

    You may check out the related API usage on the sidebar. If it is the first frame received, it opens the video file and determines \ the height and width 

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