Number increment from string value


string s = "00001";
int number = Convert.ToInt32(s);
number += 1;
string str = number.ToString("D5");

to get atleast 5 digits.

The "D" (or decimal) format specifier

If required, the number is padded with zeros to its left to produce the number of digits given by the precision specifier. If no precision specifier is specified, the default is the minimum value required to represent the integer without leading zeros.

This seems to work for me.

string s = "00001";
int i = Int32.Parse(s);
s = i.ToString("D" + s.Length);

So I think you want to know how to convert an int to a 5 digit string.

You can do this:

int i = 1;
string s = i.ToString("D5");
//s = "00001"

There are plenty of format examples here.

Use String.Format() to achieve this:

string str = String.Format({0:#####}, s);

Look here.

This works using the PadLeft function:

int i = 1; // Initially stored somewhere.
//Operation start
string id = DateTime.Now.ToString("yy") + DateTime.Now.AddYears(-1).ToString("yy") + i.ToString().PadLeft(5, '0');
//Operation end


  1. Lionel

    • 2021/5/28

    If you want to parse the number after the v as an int and increment it by 1, just do so by substringing, adding 1 to the number and 

  2. Theodore

    • 2019/7/21

    Number increment from string value. I my application due to some reason I have two numbers in 5 digits. The following code give you brief idea. string s = "00001"; // Initially stored somewhere. //Operation start string id = DateTime.Now.ToString ("yy") + DateTime.Now.AddYears (-1).ToString ("yy") + s; //Operation end //Increment the value of s by 1. i.e 00001 to 00002.

  3. Leland

    • 2015/9/8

    string s = "00001"; int number = Convert.ToInt32(s); number += 1; string str = number.ToString("D5");. to get 

  4. Josue

    • 2017/5/5

    At the core, this formula extracts the number, adds the increment, and joins the number to the original text in the right format. Working from the inside out, this formula first extracts the numeric portion of the string in column B using the RIGHT function: RIGHT( B5,3) // returns "001". The result returned is actually text like "001", "003", etc. but when we add the numeric value from C, Excel automatically changes the next to a number and performs the addition:

  5. Anderson

    • 2017/10/17

    string count = '12345'; count = String.valueOf(integer.valueOf(count)+1); system.debug('Incremental Value : '+count);.

  6. Brock

    • 2016/9/25

    The problem is that they want a 20 digit check number which is too big for any numerical data type. My only solution is to change the check number to string/varchar but that would break the "Assign Check Numbers" process for multiple checks since I can't increment the string to get the next number.

  7. Fletcher

    • 2015/12/14

    Consider an issue with incrementing numbers stored as strings. Use int. Adding one to a string will append the string representation of the value 1.

  8. Bernard

    • 2018/2/7

    2. Integer.parseInt ("3") + 1. The above statement results 4 which means we are parsing the String value as Integer and then incrementing in here, hope it helps! Share. Improve this answer. answered 52 mins ago. Bhala T R. Bhala T R. 62 10.

  9. Morgan

    • 2017/8/6

    The purpose of this example to show how multiple functions can be combined to split, manipulate, and rejoin values. In the example shown, the formula in D5 is:.

  10. Isaac

    • 2015/3/1

    MS SQL 2005 - Increment a number inside a String data. In one of my column the value and the sequence stored together. For example. If for the same country and same product exists then that product ID would be US001SHOE. As you can see, each time a product is added for a country we have to increment the number by one.

  11. Brycen

    • 2015/6/28

    Python 2 - 59. Supply the string as the variable n import re;print re.sub('\d+',lambda x:`int(x 

  12. Hector

    • 2016/6/25

    Explanation: Here RIGHT ( A2 , 3 ) picks three characters from the right of the text in A2 and which is 001. + increment increases the number from the value. 001 + 2 = 3. TEXT ( 3, "000") format the number to 003 text format. & operator joins the two text values and returns the new text Items_003.

  13. Lennox

    • 2018/10/17

    joining prefix str and added value. res = pre_str + str (add_val). # printing result. print ( "Incremented numeric String : " + str (res)) 

  14. Vincent

    • 2016/12/20

    In the C# language, the plus operator can be overloaded. Plus can mean different actions in a string expression or a numeric one. Adding one to a string will append the string representation of the value 1. And Adding one to a number will increment it. With the plus operator, context is important. Operator.

  15. Kamari

    • 2020/4/22

    Given the Strings list, write a Python program to increment strings that are numeric by K. Explanation : 234, 98 and 4 are incremented by 6 in 

  16. Lee

    • 2020/3/11

    I'm having trouble working out how to increment the number of the string that 4 current digit: 2 added 2 to addition_total which now has the value: 10.

  17. Jair

    • 2015/9/12

    Number increment from string value. Asked 1 Month ago Answers: 5 Viewed 2 times. I my application due to some reason I have two numbers in 5 digits.

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