MVC 3 tries to launch URL to View instead of controller action

Error processing SSI file


  1. Ayden

    • 2018/10/24

    You are probably using Visual Studio and you probably are actively editing a .cshtml page when you hit debug.

    Try launching the debugger when you are either looking at a code file or a file from a project that isn't in the startup project (ie, your EF/model project) and see if that launches the debugger to the correct URL.

    There might be a setting in the project properties that specifies the startup URL. I'll look for it and edit this post if I find it.

  2. Alonzo

    • 2015/3/2

    You are probably using Visual Studio and you probably are actively editing a .cshtml page when you hit debug. Try launching the debugger 

  3. Kohen

    • 2015/7/4

    7. Sometimes when I launch my MVC 3 project it attempts to load the fully qualified URL for the view being rendered instead of the action within the controller (Which gives me a 404 error). Other times it works fine and actually hits the controller action like it's supposed to, but it's about 50/50.

  4. Jayce

    • 2017/7/7

    NET MVC 3 and demonstrates how you can apply these changes in your In this application, attempting to visit a controller action that has 

  5. Isaac

    • 2015/9/5

    I'm guessing you using cassini (builtin dev web server in VS.Net)? If so I get this all the time and seams to be a bug in VS.Net. Switch to IIS 7.5 and you don't get it any more

  6. Kyler

    • 2020/7/7

    When using Url.Action, the current route values for controller and action are provided by the runtime: The value of controller and action are part of both ambient values and values. The method Url.Action always uses the current values of action and controller and generates a URL path that routes to the current action.

  7. Robin

    • 2017/1/1

    Controller actions are invoked in response to an incoming URL request. A controller class is where the code is written that handles the incoming 

  8. Jaxton

    • 2018/8/18

    That would look like: @Url.RouteUrl ("defaultWithoutAction", new { controller = "Page", action = "Index" }); Using named routes will go directly to the route with that name instead of trying them in order. If you end up using this heavily you could define your own extension methods for IUrlHelper that keep it DRY. 3).

  9. Kenny

    • 2018/10/12

    Try this :go to Project Properties > Web > Start Action

    And check the Specific Page option - leaving the text box blank.

  10. Zayne

    • 2016/2/25

    Model–view–controller (MVC) is a software architectural pattern for This return type is used to return a webpage from an action method.

  11. Gary

    • 2015/6/4

    106 Posts. Re: SiteMap - use controller and action instead of url. May 30, 2008 03:57 AM. | skaue | LINK. I also discovered that the currentNode wasn't set. So far I've just used FindSiteMapNode (ViewContext) to find current node so my breadcrumb functionality works. In my web.sitemap I replaced the attribute url with controller and action.

  12. Marc

    • 2015/5/11

    The MVC Config provides a dedicated configuration API for View Resolvers and for adding logic-less View Controllers which are useful for HTML template rendering 

  13. Dennis

    • 2018/9/28

    After successfully logging in, we are redirected to the Home/Index Controller action rather than the external URL. Figure 05: Open Redirection attack defeated. Summary. Open redirection attacks can occur when redirection URLs are passed as parameters in the URL for an application. The ASP.NET MVC 3 template includes code to protect against open

  14. Collin

    • 2020/5/29

    NET 5. Once enabled, MVC will use FluentValidation to validate objects that are passed in to controller actions by the model binding infrastructure. To enable 

  15. Bronson

    • 2021/10/17

    This class is used to send binary file content to the response. In the following sample, we will see how we can leverage the FileResult action to download files in an ASP.NET MVC Web Application. Step 1: Open VS2010 and create a new ASP.NET MVC 3 project, name it as ‘MVC3_Returning_Files’.

  16. Kingsley

    • 2016/3/2

    NET MVC Preview 3 includes the MVC Controller changes we first discussed and and setup these View-Model objects in a controller action, 

  17. Jedidiah

    • 2015/10/26

    How to call URL action in MVC with javascript function Ask Question Asked 9 years 7 months ago Active 1 year 2 months ago Viewed 140k times 10 1 I´m trying to render url action with javascript in an MVC project I capture an event on my page which calls this function but I´m not sure how to call this certain URL 24 Aug 2020 · 2 answersIf your controller action expects an id query string

  18. Brahimi

    • 2018/9/8

    3. To create a layout page to use in your MVC pages, right-click the Add. The new controller will open in the code editor window. 3. To create the view 

  19. Michel

    • 2021/4/24

    In this scenario, the business logic and the view are mashed together, Instead of boring you with more theory about controllers, views, and MVC, 

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