How to add an array to a list by value not by reference?

Make a copy:


You have to Clone() the array i.e. create shallow copy of array and add that in the list.


Instead of



testList.Add(testArray.Clone() as int[]);


  1. Hill

    • 2017/4/16

    You have to Clone() the array i.e. create shallow copy of array and add that in the list. Clone() returns object so you have to type cast it 

  2. Johan

    • 2020/1/25

    Is there a way to add an array to a list of arrays by value and not by reference? Example: The following prints out "6, 7, 8, 9, 10". I want it to write out "1, 2, 3, 4, 5". int [] testArray = new int [5] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }; List<int []> testList = new List<int []> (); testList.Add (testArray); testArray [0] = 6; testArray [1] = 7; testArray [2] = 8; testArray [3] = 9; testArray [4] = 10; foreach (int [] array in testList) { Console.WriteLine (" {0}, {1}, {2}, {3}, {4}", array [0], array

  3. Aaron

    • 2018/5/9

    how to append objects to javascript lists ? find number in array js · how to get the next item in map() js · sort array of numbers · first n elements of array 

  4. Sterling

    • 2020/10/6

    boolean add( E elt ) ; // Add a reference to an object elt to the end of the ArrayList, // increasing size by one. The capacity will increase if needed. // Always returns true. To access the element at a particular index use: E get( int index ) This method returns a reference to an object in the list, which is of type E.

  5. Zander

    • 2016/1/4

    To create a real copy of an array, you need to copy over the value of the array under a new value variable. That way this new array does not reference to 

  6. Hezekiah

    • 2020/3/2

    Step 3: Now, we can keep storing values to the array variable by using the “Add” method. In the below image, I have added three values. Code: Sub ArrayList_Example1() Dim ArrayValues As ArrayList Set ArrayValues = New ArrayList ArrayValues.Add "Hello" 'First Value ArrayValues.Add "Good" 'Second Value ArrayValues.Add "Morning" 'Three Value End Sub

  7. Zayne

    • 2019/6/23

    Copies a range of elements from an Array starting at the first element and to a reference-type or value-type array and the assignment is not possible, 

  8. Dominick

    • 2015/1/9

    — now to add value value to that list we can use a special activity called Add to Collections where in the property panel mention the collections as list_string and In the item mention the string value we want to add Like “value1” And change the type argument as string in the property panel. For example here you go - one example from uipath resource. UiPath Studio Array Variables. The array variable is a type of variable which enables you to store multiple values of the same type.

  9. Perez

    • 2017/4/4

    Swift makes it easy to create arrays in your code using an array literal: simply surround a comma-separated list of values with square brackets. Without any 

  10. Anders

    • 2019/8/16

    We can create an array and seed it with values just by placing them in the @() parentheses. PS> $data = @('Zero','One','Two','Three') PS> $data.count 4 PS> $data Zero One Two Three This array has 4 items. When we call the $data variable, we see the list of our items. If it's an array of strings, then we get one line per string.

  11. Van

    • 2015/1/10

    Filtering out all small values. The following example uses filter() to create a filtered array that has all elements with values less than 10 

  12. Jackson

    • 2018/11/29

    With that new range of cells selected, if we want to find the location of the value 66 enter the following: -- (dataRange=66) And hit Control-Shift-Enter. When you hit CSE (as it’s referred to by all the cool kids), the formula will now have braces around it, showing that it’s an “array function”. {-- (dataRange=66)}

  13. Hayes

    • 2016/4/26

    (It's similar to findIndex() , but checks each element for equality with the value instead of using a testing function.) If you need to find if 

  14. Alonzo

    • 2015/1/12

    An element of such an array may have as its value a null reference or an instance Declaring a variable of array type does not create an array object or 

  15. Denver

    • 2016/3/26

    Arrays of objects do not work as you would expect: you cannot query each object When adding a field dynamically, the first value in the array determines 

  16. Elias

    • 2018/2/21

    An array doesn't become an element in the list, because these arrays can contain only scalars, not other arrays.12 The value of an array variable that has 

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