How do I use the C#6 "Using static" feature?

It appears the syntax has slightly changed since those blog posts were written. As the error message suggests, add static to your include statement:

using static System.Console;
//      ^
class Program 
    static void Main() 
        WriteLine("Hello world!"); 
        WriteLine("Another message"); 

Then, your code will compile.

Note that, in C# 6.0, this will only work for members declared as static.

For example, consider System.Math:

public static class Math {
    public const double PI = 3.1415926535897931;
    public static double Abs(double value);
    // <more stuff>

When using static System.Math, you can just use Abs();. However, you'd still have to prefix PI because it isn't a static member: Math.PI;.

Starting with C# version 7.2, this shouldn't be the case, const values like PI can be used as well.

The static Keyword on a using statement will import only the one, specified type (and it's nested types). Furthermore you must not give the type name anymore. So just add static to your using.

Note: Please use this feature only when the two classes are logically closely related, otherwise it makes reading the code pretty hard.


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