How can I use a local variable in a method from another method?

The simplest way would be to return the value you want from UserYoutubeService, as in:

private YouTubeService UserYoutubeService() // <-- Note return type
    return new YouTubeService(new BaseClientService.Initializer()
        HttpClientInitializer = credential,
        ApplicationName = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Name

Which you would use like this:

public async void RetrieveUploadsList()
    var youtubeService = UserYoutubeService(); // <--- Change is here

    var channelsListRequest = youtubeService.Channels.List("contentDetails");


  1. Crosby

    • 2018/7/26

    . Variables defined inside a method are local to that method. If you want to share variables between methods, then you'll need to specify them as member variables of the class. Alternatively, you can pass them from one method to another as arguments (this isn't always applicable).

  2. Kenny

    • 2016/2/6

    1. In Java there are things called "scopes" between the parenthesis. A variable that is created in one scope cannot be accessed by another scope. An example is the variable that you are using here. What you can do is you can either call the method from another method and get a return value for "user", or you can pass the variable in one scope as a parameter for another method.

  3. Walker

    • 2018/10/19

    How do you pass a variable value from one method to another in Java?

  4. Isaias

    • 2017/3/27

    Local variables in a function/method cannot be accessed outside that function/method. To share state between methods, use an instance variable. class Colors(): def blue(self): self.var = "This is blue" def red(self): print self.var

  5. Max

    • 2019/8/6

    , but you can call a method from within another method. A method's declared return type must match the type of the value used in the parameter list. A method's declared return type must match the type of the value used in the parameter list.

  6. Jose

    • 2017/9/9

    Solution 1. Accept Solution Reject Solution. Noup, local variables are only accessible from within their scope. They live on the stack and simply don't exist when "their" method is not executed at the moment. You will have to promote your variable to member level to access it from different methods. Permalink.

  7. Basile

    • 2015/12/2

    A variable that is static and declared in the same class can be accessed within the main method and other methods. In the below example, the 

  8. Fox

    • 2020/4/13

    Without adding new Fields, how do I use local variables from another method in the same class? I know I could simply add these variables to the list of Fields and get to them that way but our instructor specifically told us NOT to do this. Im stumped. Heres the realavent code, in bold are the local variables I want to use again.

  9. Logan

    • 2016/3/22

    If you want to access a variable in another method, you need to declare the variable as an instance variable instead of a local vairable.

  10. Jaxen

    • 2016/6/8

    CallAVariable i = new CallAVariable(); System.out.println("In Main where static variable y is: "+y+ " and x is: "+i.x); i.callInNormal(i.x); } public void callInNormal (int x){ CallAVariable i = new CallAVariable(); System.out.println("Non static variable x is : " +x+" and static variable y is: "+y); } }

  11. Archie

    • 2018/12/10

    Noup, local variables are only accessible from within their scope. They live on the stack and simply don't exist when "their" method is not 

  12. Jones

    • 2018/2/19

    If you want one method to be able to use a variable in another method, that variable needs to be in the scope of both of them. You can do this by declaring the variable in the class scope, by passing the variable as a parameter to the other function, or by the function being an “internal" function defined in the scope of the other function.

  13. Calvin

    • 2015/2/23

    You already know that every object of that type can have different instance variable values. But what about the methods? image with no caption. Can every object 

  14. Ruiz

    • 2016/2/24

    The variables that are defined inside the class but outside the method can be accessed within the class(all methods included) using the instance of a class. For Example – self.var_name. If you want to use that variable even outside the class, you must declared that variable as a global. Then the variable can be accessed using its name inside and outside the class and not using the instance of the class.

  15. Alex

    • 2016/5/31

    You can use the following modifiers with a local function: All local variables that are defined in the containing member, including its method 

  16. Darius

    • 2017/1/4

    The three variables you show are parameters to the bigWinner method. They only exist and have values when the method is called and is 

  17. Leonidas

    • 2018/5/26

    Using local variable in a method from another method? public class Triangle{ private double side1; private double side2; private double side3; public Triangle 

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