Firebird exception: Table unknown

As you confirmed in the comments that the table name is actually "Customer", you will need to quote the object names in your query to make them case sensitive, so:

new FbCommand("Select \"Name\" From \"Customer\"", connection);

I have assumed that Name is also case sensitive, and therefor quoted it as well.


  1. Dallas

    • 2021/5/19

    As you confirmed in the comments that the table name is actually "Customer" , you will need to quote the object names in your query to make them case 

  2. Raul

    • 2018/6/14

    Firebird exception: Table unknown [duplicate] Ask Question Asked 5 years, 3 months ago. Active 5 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 2k times 3 This question

  3. Garrett

    • 2018/1/3

    JooqLogger error SCHWERWIEGEND: Error while fetching tables org.jooq.exception.DataAccessException: SQL [select trim("RDB$RELATIONS".

  4. Pellegrini

    • 2018/10/19

    Exception "Column unknown" in JOIN [CORE5400] Column does not belong to referenced table. In Firebird 2.5.x there was not such exception.

  5. Nguyen

    • 2016/1/16

    Data type for constant unknown. -104. 336003075 dsql_derived_table_more_columns Column list from derived table @1 has more Exception @1 not defined.

  6. Ezekiel

    • 2020/7/1

    firebird-issue-importer added resolution: wontfix priority: major type: bug labels Apr 25, 2021 Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub . Already have an account?

  7. Anderson

    • 2016/1/2

    Exception "unknown table" should be raised instead of "unknown columns" on attempt to create index for non-existent table [CORE5738] #6002.

  8. Khalil

    • 2015/12/24

    -204 335544635 dsql_no_relation_alias There is no alias or table named @1 at this scope level-204 335544636 indexname There is no index @1 for table @2-204 335544640 collation_requires_text Invalid use of CHARACTER SET or COLLATE-204 335544662 dsql_blob_type_unknown BLOB SUB_TYPE @1 is not defined

  9. Nixon

    • 2020/8/1

    In Firebird 2.5.x there was not such exception. My objects: CREATE TABLE FAKTURY_ZADANIA ( INDEKS INTEGER NOT NULL, ID_FAKTURY_JEDNOSTKI 

  10. Santana

    • 2018/3/25

    Description: Since Firebird 2.1, an alternative, SQL-2003-compliant syntax can be used for triggers on tables and views. Instead of specifying “ FOR relationname ” before the event type and the optional directives surrounding it, you can now put “ ON relationname ” after it, as shown in the syntax earlier in this chapter.

  11. Joey

    • 2016/4/8

    Dynamic SQL Error code = -804 Function unknown XYZ · 335544831 Please retry, specifying an Arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation 

  12. Grant

    • 2018/8/27

    Run the program, the program will pass con.Open and throw exception on the cmd.ExecuteScalar and the exception says table unknown. I.e. an expected exception. Re-run the program, now the con.Open will throw an exception with the information: internal Firebird consistency check (cannot find tip page (165), file: tra.cpp line: 2369

  13. Eliseo

    • 2018/9/20

    The Firebird SQLCODE error codes do not correlate with the standards-compliant SQLSTATE codes. SQLCODE has been used for many years and should 

  14. Sebastian

    • 2017/11/20

    The only problem in Jaybird is JDBC354 where it doesn't take into account the bytes per character leading it to send the value to Firebird instead of throwing a DataTruncation exception immediately. I don't understand what you mean with "IBExpert in the case of UTF -8 is multiplied by 4 multiplicity of fields".

  15. Harlan

    • 2017/4/1

    Q: I get "Copy Failed" when copying to a FireBird database with the following error message: Copy Failed: GDS Exception. 335544569. Dynamic SQL Error SQL 

  16. Trace

    • 2019/8/8

    Receiving Exceptions In the following example, an application makes an attempt text from firebird.msg SQL error code = -204 K- SQLCODE Table unknown K- 

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