Error processing SSI file


  1. Cox

    • 2017/8/6

    I'm betting you just need to refresh the datagrid. Try this:


    If this works... you might want to rethink this part of your application.

  2. Hoxha

    • 2020/8/12

    DataGridView.DataSource = DataTable; else if you trying to to clear your Data Grid View just code this: DataGridView.DataSource = null; DataGridView.Rows.Clear(); DataGridView.Refresh(); and add any method or event to bind Data Grid View Again below this line of code.

  3. Leroy

    • 2015/2/18

    Clear() // If dgv is bound to datatable dataGridView1.DataBind(); OR Use this code to check if you are bound to a data source : Copy Code.

  4. Xander

    • 2019/4/10

    The associated DataGridView control is performing one of the following actions that temporarily prevents new columns from being added: Selecting all cells in the control. Clearing the selection. Updating column DisplayIndex property values.-or-This method is being called from a handler for one of the following DataGridView events: CellEnter

  5. Guillermo

    • 2021/4/17

    Basically below code line is only useful in data binding scenarios

    datagridview.DataSource = null; 

    otherwise below is the used when no data binding and datagridview is populated manually


    So, check first what you are doing.

  6. Matthias

    • 2020/9/22

    The associated DataGridView control is performing one of the following actions that temporarily prevents new columns from being added:.

  7. Blaise

    • 2021/1/21

    I have a datagridview on a form. I required it to clear all rows of datagridview on button click event. I tried the syntax :: dataGridView1.Rows.Clear (); But that syntax threws an exception "Cannot Clear The List". Currently i am using the syntax :: ( (DataTable)dataGridView1.DataSource).Rows.Clear (); Here, I want to know that is the method

  8. Greco

    • 2015/2/18

    You cant clear the datagrid by just making the datasource into nothing..but you should clear your dt or data table like.dt.clear() the it 

  9. Marini

    • 2019/12/21

    If you want clear a dataGridView not binded to DataSource but manually loaded you can use this simple code:

  10. Creed

    • 2016/5/25

    This method is useful to clear the current selection without canceling the selection of the cell, row, or column indicated by the exception indexes. If the SelectionMode property value allows individual cell selection, this method sets the Selected property of each cell to false , excluding the cell in the row and column specified.

  11. James

    • 2018/10/14

    when the form is hidding (i use hide, not close), i what to clear the datagridview, i've tried dgv.rows.clear() but it doesn't work :( Reply 

  12. Turner

    • 2019/2/2

    Hi Every One I have tried to reload the datagridview rows at every time i click the button. but the problem is we can't reload the datagridview in windows forms like gridview in asp in asp for every button click event the page will be reloaded so the grid will updated with values but in windows forms it will not happen so we have to clear for

  13. Kenny

    • 2015/3/27

    To clear the datagridview write the following code:

  14. Fernando

    • 2016/3/10

    I'm trying to populate Windows DataGridView control row by row Clear() If you are using databinding use the following to clear the rows: 

  15. Joseph

    • 2021/11/3

    When you want to clear DataGridView rows and trying to show another records from the record selection query; Simply write the following code: First Clear the DataSet. and then. select that cleared dataset for your query. ds.Clear () DataGridView.DataSource = ds. Mar 4th, 2012, 12:52 PM #18.

  16. Nikolai

    • 2020/9/3

    VB.NET DataGrid1.DataSource = Nothing DataGrid1.DataBind(). C# DataGrid1.DataSource = null; DataGrid1.DataBind();. Share with. Share on twitter.

  17. Christopher

    • 2017/11/20

    If I remember correctly, I set the DataSource property to null to clear the DataGridView:

    datagridview.DataSource = null;
  18. Richard

    • 2019/5/10

    Hello, PowerShell Studio 2014 x64 version 4.1.65, windows 7 x64. I'm trying to populate Windows DataGridView control row by row and check for the Row numbers if .RowCount is >= 10, then I want to totally clear the Grid and repeat again adding records row by row and LOOP.

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